in Week 3

I've overcome the wanting to stop when I'm almost there, and don't find anything turning into cramps or pains either. The other night while I was out, I didn't want to stop running. I wanted to just keep going! I'm pretty sure this is a good sign.
The weather has been terrible! Well terrible for July. It's summer, which means no jackets, no socks/tennis shoes needed, and the sun's out for you to play in. Instead summer is currently sweatshirts with hoods up and throwing the flip flops into the back of the closet which also means no flip flop tan line, one of my favorite things about summer. How long will this last!!??
Ok I here a little one stirring so I better call it quits for the night, and off to the land of dreams filled with sunshine and waves rushing over my feet while I dig them into the sand....

Last week was week one. I ran 5 out of the 6 days (started on Monday). I'm not exactly doing it like it's mapped out on the site, only because I don't have anything to gauge 90 seconds or whatever the time is. So I have a one mile loop that I alternate running/walking.

Last night I ran .5 mile without stopping and without feeling like I was going to die. I thought that was a great accomplishment! I walked about 2.5 blocks and then ran the rest of the way home (and I made it up the Culver's hill without death too!).

The rest of the week I close, which means two things I'd have to run at like 1 a.m. after work, or get up at 6 to run before Abe leaves for work. Oh I guess there is a 3rd option, run during the hottest time of the day. Not sure which one is the best or which one will really happen....

Maybe today..

Yesterday I bought a new pair of running shoes.
The lady at the shoe store was so helpful! I actually got shoes that will help my flat feet instead of just picking a pair that I liked the colors of and was in my price range. Unfortunately, the choices available to me didn't fall in either of these categories! These were the best of the 3, and the cheapest although they were still in the $100 range. The runner-up was a Saucony pair that was royal blue and white. So these will be just for running and not every day wear.

This morning was supposed to be the start of my couch to 5k. Husband was successful at getting up and running before 6, and then it was my turn. Well, I AM NOT a morning person so I opted to stay in bed and sleep. Hopefully I can do it after work tonight so I can stay on track.
On a side note: Last night at the store the clerk said, "I didn't know you were expecting." And it left me wondering do I really look like I am?? Anyone knowing me should please say "no" you look great or I may punch you!


Hope everyone enjoyed their first day of summer!!
We started with key lime pie for breakfast. :)
Then we spent the rest of the day playing in the yard.
It was a perfect first day of summer!

And it's finally starting to look like summer around here too! The sun is finally out after weeks of hiding, and we can play outside without coats on. Now I need to reorganize the choas and figure out some sort of summer schedule to avoid feeling to overwelmed. I've got flowers waiting to be planted, a garden that needs planting, and a house to clean. Life is full of things to do!

Leigha hanging out with her teacher at the end of the year picnic....

Good-bye 4k, hello kindergarten!

When it comes down to picking what I'm going to do with my "free time" now that the weather is warming up, kids are almost done with school, and hubby has potential of another lay-off so I'm back to work, blogging isn't high on the list. Unfortunately for my family, neither are laundry or dishes.
Things are bad when cereal is being eaten out of your Tupperware with plastic disposable spoons, and when your eldest needs socks you give her a pair of yours. Yeah that's kinda what it's like around here.
Last weekend we did get to go out by ourselves, his parents took the girls. Abe took me to some fabric shops in search of cream/polka dot material. We went out to eat and then to golf shops for him. Of course it was a pretty leisure filled day until reality hit and I needed to stop playing with putters and looking at hybrids and come home and get ready for work. Ahh the beauty of restaurant's never 9-5 five days a week!
And now I need to accomplish some inside work, got all my weeding done and lawn mowed this morning, before I head to work tonight.

There was bike riding
Sidewalks drawn on

Cookies were made

Princess hair was done, prince and princess outfits found, and a tea party was had

I love this because it's so intense, and because they made it to the next round! They beat the Blues tonight 3-2 in OT, sweeping the series 4-0.


This brought one to our faces!


Leigha's 4k class had their circus this week. It was quite the show! There were clowns, lions and tigers, strong men, dancers, and acrobats. I asked a little boy, front row third from left, where he got his muscles expecting "from eating vegetables"..instead "my mom ordered them for me." If it were only that easy!

Her talent amazes me!!

This was after many tears of not wanting to wear her clown shoes (her shoes inside a pair of Abe's- it was awesome but she wanted nothing to do with it) and not wanting her face painted. The clown behind her isn't exactly angry, they hug themselves in line and make a bubble in their mouth.

Library Love

Seeing these on the table just makes me smile!!!

Sara really liked this one

The line continues through the house, and there are tons of things to find on each page

The toy box was one of her favorite pages

The only down side to having these books....I had to "order" them from other libraries so when they came in, they all came at the same time, and I haven't been able to spend quality time with any of them. And then when I would crack one open, I felt like I was cheating on the other ones and they weren't getting their fair share of my attention. The plus side is that all of these are now on my wish list along with the Denyse Schmidt book (hint hint..and you know who you are)

Cuz that's how she rolls


I can't believe she's 5!
It was yesterday and I had her cradled in my arms, I swear it was.

I love
all her nonsense stories, although hard to pick out fact from fiction
her cute nose
her need for the perfect clomp shoes
that apparently the school feeds them mac in cheese every day
her giggles that never stop
that she's a robot, yes she feels like a robot (don't we all sometimes?)
that she IS going to be a ballerina when she grows up
her kisses she gives
the cuddles we get to have together
that she's all mine

Happy 5th Birthday Leigha Belle!

Her cake thanks to Jewel and Family Fun magazine

And when asked what it's like - "Being 5 is fun!"

Birthday girl all partied out!

It seems like yesterday we were down at the rink sweeping and helping get it ready to open, and now it's time to close the doors until next fall. The girls had a great year. There may have been some crying, kicking, and protesting when she would realize there was practice, but she came around and skated every line change the last couple of games. I think the season just got a little long for her, 5 1/2 months, but she'll be back next year. Eve will move up a level next year so now we'll have to figure out how to juggle all the scheduling conflicts that will come with that. Abe got elected to the board for the next three years, and I know that he will help the league out by spreading his passion for the game to others.

Leigha is number 7, and I'm on the far right

Eve and Abe lining up at the face off

Most of the family-Sara was cheering from the bleachers

Until next year...

First let me preface this to say I AM NOT a morning person.
For the last week, including yesterday and today, I have got 8 kids to school with the 2 year old in tow. My FIL had them dressed and fed so I only had to do every one's hair, and of course get my 3 completely ready, and off to school by 8. And looking back, we weren't late once!!!
And when I felt relief that last Friday was the last day of babysitting and early morning dash offs to the in-laws were done, I had to continue this week. And again, had to push back my plan for actually getting Eve's room together- this really has changed my routine of things. Also I'm trying to get ready for Leigha's birthday party on Saturday, yes this is the year of on time parties! Of course my house is still near disaster level with hockey gear tripping you when you come through the front door, hopefully I can address this tomorrow.
The potty training is going well. She has no problem telling us, and everyone else within 2 aisles at the store, "I HAVE TO GO POTTY!!" And she doesn't stop saying it until you take her so there's no getting around it. Of course there are the many, many, many false alarms, but what can I do? I know I will keep taking her.
All right now I'm going to try to sneak in a shower, yes really nice to start my day now, and a quick craft project before the afternoon chaos starts.

I had her completely dressed, and the outfit matched it was great. While I was doing dishes she took off her pants and diaper went potty on the toilet, went upstairs to her room, got undies (and even had them on the right way!), took off the long sleeve shirt, got a new shirt, and came back down stairs. She stood in the doorway and looked me right in the eyes and said "Underwear." She did excellent yesterday with only one accident that somehow only dribbled down her leg a bit. Goodbye baby, hello big girl! (Insert all tears here because she is my last little one, and this is just one more step towards being a big girl. And now tears aside, have you noticed how potty training is kind of like breastfeeding? It seems like you are doing one thing all day long!)

Hello Sun

"Mama, pleeeeeease can I ride my bike?"
This bike ride only lasted a short time because she claimed "those little wheels are NOT working."

I couldn't keep her out of the puddles or the slush.
I think 5 seconds after this she fell right on her butt.

This is what my 29 looks like!
Today I'll spend it with my family at a hockey game and then skating with the players.
A party had been mentioned by newly adopted hockey family member, but let's be serious S, when people found out you'ld be there, they would already have plans to find stop sign yellow, match things with cougar blue, and poorly shovel sidewalks for friends. Besides, I'll already be spending my day with the most important people anyway!

Bath Time

It's must be in their genes, that all kids love baths. Wait, kids love playing in the tub maybe not so much the cleaning part of the bath. Unfortunately, Wisconsin winters don't really make baths very enjoyable. The kids can play for a bit, and before I can get to the washing up they've turned into teeth chattering blue prunes. I try to trick them into taking showers, Sara I can usually get excited by asking her if she wants to shower with mom, yes the beauty of having girls. And I can get her done in minutes so this really helps the day out.

Leigha on the other hand would rather climb her bed today. She is using a tie from a dress I made as her rope, I told her this doesn't look like a good idea and she IS going to get hurt, she climbs anyway.
I can usually get Eve and Leigha to shower together, but this sometimes turns into a giggle fest followed by a very wet floor, yes the floor gets soaked even with showers. I'm thinking eventually they'll master keeping more of the water IN the shower than out. I did. :)

A project from February

The girls working on their ATC, and Sara just painting up a big blue blob.

You know garbage spies or garbage cans not much difference

Doesn't everyone wear hockey skates and p.j.s around the house?

shoulder pads
breezers aka hockey pants

new skates
And these are my recent "gifts" from Abe. I'm so very excited!! We played again on Sunday night in the amateur hockey league at the rink. I think I might finally be getting the stopping thing down (which is slightly important in successful hockey playing). I"ll keep you posted on my progress, because my goal IS to ref mites by next season.

"Mom, me play with tah-toe?"

And after days of asking, I finally let them play with play dough. I seriously think it was created by the devil, because no mom would inflict the amount of clean-up this requires on another mom. Aside from the clean-up, there is always the chunks that get stuck on their clothes and socks. I unfortunately limit play dough playing. And I feel very guilty for this, because I can remember playing with this stuff for hours and making all sorts of things. Of course when I was little all of mine was inevitable that redish-brown color that mixing all the colors together creates, another pet peeve of mine that also limits the number of colors they can play with. When will I through this all into the wind and just let play be play with all the colors and all the do-dads that our play dough factory has (shhh...they didn't get to play with this today..the clean-up is crazy!)?

I had to include this one of Sara too. She has Eve's underwear around her waist with Leigha's pajama pants. I tried to take them off and she insisted,"Underwear on." ...whatever.

And I leave the room for 5 seconds and half a box of toothpicks gets used! She was on a roll today. She drew all over herself, Sara, and her bedspread. It's been quite the day!

On Sunday the girls participated in the skating races here in town. Leigha got a first in each of her events! Maybe I should mention she was the only competitor in the 4 year old class, but she still got as many cheers from the crowd as all the other kids so that was awesome. Eve got a first in the 2 length race, to the end and back. She even hockey stopped at the finish which was so cool to see her spraying ice up on the competition!
Leigha on her way back to cross the finish line
7-9 yr old class lining up

Eve on her way back for the win

Leigha competing in the 2 oval

Eve in her 2 oval race

So I think I will be taking a brief absence. It has become apparent to me, that I am way to sidetracked/angry/confused/feeling lost that I have nothing I feel like sharing, which is probably when you should share. I'm not even sure what exactly provoked this wonderful time in my life, but it's here and now I have to work through it.

Dear Self,
You're awesome!! It may need a shelf or two, and we know you want a bookcase for your fabric for easy access, but way to go!
So are you going to tackle photos next? Gees...calm down I was just wondering.


The top box has things to fix (ugg..)
The bottom is fabric for future after all the fixing

Eventually I'd like my sewing machine on my desk

There's one stack of pictures that needs attention
Jannie- don't look to close because I see your present I forgot!

I Promise

Dear Self,
I promise that when Monday rolls around, and we know it will, I am going to clean this closet. Yeah that's what is in these pics...recognize it? Didn't think so. So's a date.

The following is not for clean freaks with bad hearts or anal organizers with high blood pressure- unless you are willing to come take care of this for me......

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