in Week 3

I've overcome the wanting to stop when I'm almost there, and don't find anything turning into cramps or pains either. The other night while I was out, I didn't want to stop running. I wanted to just keep going! I'm pretty sure this is a good sign.
The weather has been terrible! Well terrible for July. It's summer, which means no jackets, no socks/tennis shoes needed, and the sun's out for you to play in. Instead summer is currently sweatshirts with hoods up and throwing the flip flops into the back of the closet which also means no flip flop tan line, one of my favorite things about summer. How long will this last!!??
Ok I here a little one stirring so I better call it quits for the night, and off to the land of dreams filled with sunshine and waves rushing over my feet while I dig them into the sand....

Last week was week one. I ran 5 out of the 6 days (started on Monday). I'm not exactly doing it like it's mapped out on the site, only because I don't have anything to gauge 90 seconds or whatever the time is. So I have a one mile loop that I alternate running/walking.

Last night I ran .5 mile without stopping and without feeling like I was going to die. I thought that was a great accomplishment! I walked about 2.5 blocks and then ran the rest of the way home (and I made it up the Culver's hill without death too!).

The rest of the week I close, which means two things I'd have to run at like 1 a.m. after work, or get up at 6 to run before Abe leaves for work. Oh I guess there is a 3rd option, run during the hottest time of the day. Not sure which one is the best or which one will really happen....

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