So I think I will be taking a brief absence. It has become apparent to me, that I am way to sidetracked/angry/confused/feeling lost that I have nothing I feel like sharing, which is probably when you should share. I'm not even sure what exactly provoked this wonderful time in my life, but it's here and now I have to work through it.

Dear Self,
You're awesome!! It may need a shelf or two, and we know you want a bookcase for your fabric for easy access, but way to go!
So are you going to tackle photos next? Gees...calm down I was just wondering.


The top box has things to fix (ugg..)
The bottom is fabric for future after all the fixing

Eventually I'd like my sewing machine on my desk

There's one stack of pictures that needs attention
Jannie- don't look to close because I see your present I forgot!

I Promise

Dear Self,
I promise that when Monday rolls around, and we know it will, I am going to clean this closet. Yeah that's what is in these pics...recognize it? Didn't think so. So's a date.

The following is not for clean freaks with bad hearts or anal organizers with high blood pressure- unless you are willing to come take care of this for me......

I like my blog, it keeps me sane. I like reading other people's blogs, it makes me feel like I have tons of friends.
But alas, blogging everyday while we were gone turned into more work than fun. And fun is what this is all about right? Besides I'm sure that no one really wants to hear how for the last week and a half I have seriously have done nothing but a bit of laundry (ask my husband if you think I'm joking). Oh I may have made an actual dinner once that didn't include opening the box and inserting it in the oven for 12-15 min or until cheese was golden brown.
Ugg why can't I kick this and actually get this year started? I have plans and goals that I want to get a jump on. I'm way over committing to working out and totally unreal things along those lines. I want to paint a room upstairs and get Eve in her own room, and put Sara in with Leigha. My closet has exploded from what I believe must have been a terrible tornado! Or maybe it was me just throwing stuff in there and never putting it away, I like the first choice better. So I pretty much rotate the same couple outfits because I can't actually get to wear the rest of my stuff is hanging. And I see her pretty clean closet and want to cry! And be jealous because she probably hasn't worn the same 3 things over and over.
But instead of actually doing anything to get either project started, I'd rather sleep and stay in pj's all day long. Besides who wants to do anything when it's -15 outside!

NLCV Day 11

It was yet another early morning today to end our trip, and to beat the weather. It was another continental breakfast (I can't wait to get home!!). We fueled up and hit the road. Of course what part of the driving adventure would be complete with something not malfunctioning. Abe replaced the brake light, but a little ways down the road it stopped working again. We made a stop for lunch at McDonalds, yes I know I was sooo excited about this, and made it home about 5:30. Aside from the snow, cold, and slippery sidewalks, it's never felt so good to be home.

I don't think Leigha slept the whole way home, but she did watch a lot of Ducktales!

Now these 2 are a different story!

Home Sweet Home

NLCV Day 10

Well day ten has come and gone, and no one has been lost or left behind at any of our stops.
This morning we left for Lambert's Home of the Throwed Rolls. In my opinion, and of course the only one that matters here, it wasn't worth the stop. And because I wanted something healthy and "clean" this was also not the place to go. Abe ordered catfish that tasted like the bottom of the pond, and the girls didn't even touch the chicken. That was just most excellent. The kids did like watching the rolls get thrown across the dining area. Grandma even got hit in the head by one!
After this we went to Meremec Caverns. I'm pretty sure this was one of the best things we've seen the whole trip. Leigha really enjoyed the "adventure" as she put it. It was pretty amazing to see what stalagmites and stalagtites look like way up close. I took pictures, but of course being able to see it up close, but no touching, is way cooler. There's history of the James brothers here and we got to see some of that also.
Once we were all loaded back up, we drove to a hotel for the night. The kids got to go swimming and we ordered pizza for supper afterwards.

Here's what Sara did at lunch. And you thought onions were only for eating!

This is Loot Rock where the James brothers would split their loot and then escape out of the cavern through a side tunnel.

This is the world's 3rd largest stalagmite. It's 28 feet tall and has an active and inactive side to it. This is the active side.

I wish you could see how great this really was! This is part of the straw room. Many of the stalagtites in this area are skinny "straws" with water running through the centers eventually plugging the end shut.

This is the Stage Curtain and it's nearly 70 feet tall!! This part of the cave was found in 1933.

I so wanted this hat! I thought it would be perfect for hockey games, but $14 for a prop? So I take along this memory instead, but how cool is this!! I think it's going on my Christmas list for next year.

NLCV Day Nine

Today was a day filled with driving, and if you were me, sleeping. Because I slept through Texas, I can't recall any highlights of the day. I can say that when one hits a tumble weed, it's loud and they break into pieces and go flying out from under your car with much force. We made it from New Mexico to Oklahoma City and stayed for the night. We actually got in early enough that we ate at a normal hour and got to go swimming. The kids were very excited. Sara figured out floating and that's how she spent her time in the water, that is after she finally stopped crying about being in the water.

Here are my fine co-piloting skills being displayed

At the restaurant we ate at

3 girls in the tub, rub-a-dub-dub

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