So my major project is trying to get my bathroom done asap for so many reasons. Any way I ran into a a small problem while installing the lights so I had to go to Fleet for some screws. Ok, I'm there with the one that is to long in hand to see what size it really is. Can't do it on my own so I call someone over to help. Ok have it sized now just have to pick the right box from the trillion hanging in front of me. Selection made and I head to the counter and am asked "find everything ok?" I reply "hope so". Only to get home and find out that they are too big and don't have the right head. Trip 2 to Fleet. Return wrong screws, look for other ones. Again try to narrow it down, and I find myself getting hot and my hands start to sweat. I know what's coming tears, and lots of them in the hardware aisle at Fleet Farm. All I want to do is buy screws, the rights screws, go home and work on my bathroom and feel something got accomplished in the bathroom, which needs to be done by Sunday. Feeling the failure from my inability to make a correct selection I again call for help for some reassurance that this is what I need, and in hopes that knowing someone will be down the aisle I won't ball like a baby. After being told these are the only options I head back up to the counter and head home. Not wanting any more disappointment today I don't even look at the lights/screws to see if they'll work and shut the door on another day of work.

On a side note- I successful flipped the correct breaker, switched an outlet for another color, rewired it, and got the faceplate back on without electricution!! That's gotta count for something!

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