So this was the second year we planted a garden. The first time was just beans so that was manageable. This year we went all out. We put up fence, got stakes for rows, bought our own tiller etc. etc.. We planted 5 varieties of lettuce, and 13 other vegetables. Needless to say much of the summer was spent in the garden weeding.
After the overwhelming amount of lettuce we had, I even gave it to people I didn't like just to get rid of it, I thought nothing would be more time consuming and just something to dread. Then came carrots....

This basket is only half the carrots too! When I'm done, yeah I know but I needed a break from it, I'll have frozen about 150 cups of carrots. Carrots were way more work than beans because, case you haven't noticed, they are way more dirty! So after scrubbing them and peeling the crazy "hairs" off, I had to chop them and blanche them.

Can you taste them? Leigha helped me bag them, and didn't care for the smell very much. It kinda went unnoticed by me after so many batches of carrots!

My Clowns

And yes they left the house like this. Abe was sooo happy to see this when he got out of work!


With the weather being so wonderful, I thought I better get my carrots out of the garden. I got the girls to help me too. It was pretty windy so we worked fast.

Leigha brought out the basket for the carrots. Needless to say, I underestimated and it was heaped when we were done.
Eve finally figured out how to pull them without the tops breaking off.
Leigha's trying her luck.

Still trying to figure out this whole picture thing. This is from the beginning of the pulling, because in the end we were cold, dirty, and not smiling. But this was followed by making chocolate chip cookies and that's something to smile about!
On the agenda for tomorrow....carrots.

If you can't think that one of the best things is your 4 year old getting off the bus and announcing that she pooped in her underwear at school, then what is?

"Where's E?"
"Where's Lala?"

Why is this the conversation I'm having with Sara, my 2 yr old, at 4:45 a.m.? Of course she had been awake already for 15 minutes but those were spent in pure spunkyness. Once we determined that her and I were the only ones up, she become content on watching me do the dishes and talk about what dad did (spilt coffee on the counter).

Well, unfortunantly I need to depart from here and get back to sewing name plates for hockey and mending jerseys. If only you could see the look of anticipation on my face.

I know that some, yeah you, wouldn't think twice about sharing your opinion on something that you're passionate about. I'm currently faced with whether I want to have a relationship severed because of the way I feel and to date have kept pretty much to myself.
I've wrote the email/blog post countless times in my head. Each time with revisions to display my opinion that could displace my family structure. And if you know me, it already is disfunctional.
Unfortunantly, I believe that sharing my opinion wouldn't actually change anything. They are still going to do what they want. And, now I feel the anger rising so I need to switch gears and think about something else. How 'bout those Packers?

I finally finished the alterations on PJ's skirts. I think I did a pretty good job for it being my first time trying to tackle a project like that. Abe thought it was funny that when I have things that need to be fixed, I bring them to my grandma or to the cleaners. And here I was doing the same kind of job I out-source for someone else! Guess I'll have to suck it up and start doing my own too.
So now the next project to cross off the list is getting all my blankets etc sewn for the craft fair at the end of the month. I look at what I have done and think it's not enough to take, but if I don't take it, I have a lot of stuff laying around here just taking up space. Needless to say, I switched gears back into sewing mode and spent all day working on getting things together.

On a daily basis I get emails from stores/sites that I've signed up for their newsletters. It's just so great to find out what's new and what I could save 20% on IF I use such and such a card. And love the free shipping on orders OVER $50.

But what I can finally love most of all is the day when, while checking emails, I just deleted them without even opening them. Without even feeling like I wanted or needed to. Without even being curious "What's New for Fall."

I can tell you what's new for fall. Being satisfied. I have absolutly no desire for anything more. If you asked me to go shopping, I'd either tell you no or make up an elaborate lie that would leave you wondering why I lied to you. I just don't want. Don't want more stuff, don't want to deal with people, just don't.

I'm content with what I have and don't have for probably the first time for as long as I can remember. I have more than a lot of people. And for that I am so greatful. I look back at all the things I took for grantite, and wish I could kick myself for being stupid and taking advantage of some of the most basic things, things some people long for. (That just spoke to me in so many ways only a few will understand.)

Aside from that recent epifany, all I can say is this is me, and I'm finally happy.

k I just spent the most uninterrupted time on the computer that I have had in a long time. I read some blogs, found blogs to look at again, and found ones with layouts so cool it's got me wondering why not me??

I do know that I have a friend, yes I know a shocker, that is going to help me make this be awesome. And I need to add that I can NOT spell that word without the entire cheer running through my head: a-w-e-s-o-m-e, awesome, awesome, awesome are we! Just needed to share that. I'll put the pom pons down now.

So I am almost done with mending/hemming a kazillion skirts for a very lovely lady. But will seriously turn down anyone who asks for any sewing favors for awhile. I want to drive stick pins into my eyes!!!!!!! It's not bad, but just hasn't turned into the easiest of things. Plus after awhile I just think, "One down, 15 more to go.":( I don't want my hobby and something I love to turn into stacks of material I don't want to look at and a sewing machine I can't use cuz I threw it out the window.

Side note for Elizabeth: I do expect to get your projects and do them for you, and whatever else you are scheming up, just don't throw any pheasant skirts my way or I'll sew the bottoms shut!! (All right I wouldn't really do that, but I might think it while I mended away.)

I just realized that the title doesn't really match the context, hmm... Well the pattern I did see was that I actually posted twice within a reasonable amount of time of each other. There, so in conclusion, I believe there may be a pattern.

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