There was bike riding
Sidewalks drawn on

Cookies were made

Princess hair was done, prince and princess outfits found, and a tea party was had

I love this because it's so intense, and because they made it to the next round! They beat the Blues tonight 3-2 in OT, sweeping the series 4-0.


This brought one to our faces!


Leigha's 4k class had their circus this week. It was quite the show! There were clowns, lions and tigers, strong men, dancers, and acrobats. I asked a little boy, front row third from left, where he got his muscles expecting "from eating vegetables"..instead "my mom ordered them for me." If it were only that easy!

Her talent amazes me!!

This was after many tears of not wanting to wear her clown shoes (her shoes inside a pair of Abe's- it was awesome but she wanted nothing to do with it) and not wanting her face painted. The clown behind her isn't exactly angry, they hug themselves in line and make a bubble in their mouth.

Library Love

Seeing these on the table just makes me smile!!!

Sara really liked this one

The line continues through the house, and there are tons of things to find on each page

The toy box was one of her favorite pages

The only down side to having these books....I had to "order" them from other libraries so when they came in, they all came at the same time, and I haven't been able to spend quality time with any of them. And then when I would crack one open, I felt like I was cheating on the other ones and they weren't getting their fair share of my attention. The plus side is that all of these are now on my wish list along with the Denyse Schmidt book (hint hint..and you know who you are)

Cuz that's how she rolls

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