I can't believe she's 5!
It was yesterday and I had her cradled in my arms, I swear it was.

I love
all her nonsense stories, although hard to pick out fact from fiction
her cute nose
her need for the perfect clomp shoes
that apparently the school feeds them mac in cheese every day
her giggles that never stop
that she's a robot, yes she feels like a robot (don't we all sometimes?)
that she IS going to be a ballerina when she grows up
her kisses she gives
the cuddles we get to have together
that she's all mine

Happy 5th Birthday Leigha Belle!

Her cake thanks to Jewel and Family Fun magazine

And when asked what it's like - "Being 5 is fun!"

Birthday girl all partied out!

It seems like yesterday we were down at the rink sweeping and helping get it ready to open, and now it's time to close the doors until next fall. The girls had a great year. There may have been some crying, kicking, and protesting when she would realize there was practice, but she came around and skated every line change the last couple of games. I think the season just got a little long for her, 5 1/2 months, but she'll be back next year. Eve will move up a level next year so now we'll have to figure out how to juggle all the scheduling conflicts that will come with that. Abe got elected to the board for the next three years, and I know that he will help the league out by spreading his passion for the game to others.

Leigha is number 7, and I'm on the far right

Eve and Abe lining up at the face off

Most of the family-Sara was cheering from the bleachers

Until next year...

First let me preface this to say I AM NOT a morning person.
For the last week, including yesterday and today, I have got 8 kids to school with the 2 year old in tow. My FIL had them dressed and fed so I only had to do every one's hair, and of course get my 3 completely ready, and off to school by 8. And looking back, we weren't late once!!!
And when I felt relief that last Friday was the last day of babysitting and early morning dash offs to the in-laws were done, I had to continue this week. And again, had to push back my plan for actually getting Eve's room together- this really has changed my routine of things. Also I'm trying to get ready for Leigha's birthday party on Saturday, yes this is the year of on time parties! Of course my house is still near disaster level with hockey gear tripping you when you come through the front door, hopefully I can address this tomorrow.
The potty training is going well. She has no problem telling us, and everyone else within 2 aisles at the store, "I HAVE TO GO POTTY!!" And she doesn't stop saying it until you take her so there's no getting around it. Of course there are the many, many, many false alarms, but what can I do? I know I will keep taking her.
All right now I'm going to try to sneak in a shower, yes really nice to start my day now, and a quick craft project before the afternoon chaos starts.

I had her completely dressed, and the outfit matched it was great. While I was doing dishes she took off her pants and diaper went potty on the toilet, went upstairs to her room, got undies (and even had them on the right way!), took off the long sleeve shirt, got a new shirt, and came back down stairs. She stood in the doorway and looked me right in the eyes and said "Underwear." She did excellent yesterday with only one accident that somehow only dribbled down her leg a bit. Goodbye baby, hello big girl! (Insert all tears here because she is my last little one, and this is just one more step towards being a big girl. And now tears aside, have you noticed how potty training is kind of like breastfeeding? It seems like you are doing one thing all day long!)

Hello Sun

"Mama, pleeeeeease can I ride my bike?"
This bike ride only lasted a short time because she claimed "those little wheels are NOT working."

I couldn't keep her out of the puddles or the slush.
I think 5 seconds after this she fell right on her butt.

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