When it comes down to picking what I'm going to do with my "free time" now that the weather is warming up, kids are almost done with school, and hubby has potential of another lay-off so I'm back to work, blogging isn't high on the list. Unfortunately for my family, neither are laundry or dishes.
Things are bad when cereal is being eaten out of your Tupperware with plastic disposable spoons, and when your eldest needs socks you give her a pair of yours. Yeah that's kinda what it's like around here.
Last weekend we did get to go out by ourselves, his parents took the girls. Abe took me to some fabric shops in search of cream/polka dot material. We went out to eat and then to golf shops for him. Of course it was a pretty leisure filled day until reality hit and I needed to stop playing with putters and looking at hybrids and come home and get ready for work. Ahh the beauty of restaurant work...it's never 9-5 five days a week!
And now I need to accomplish some inside work, got all my weeding done and lawn mowed this morning, before I head to work tonight.

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