Here is another amazing give-away from Grosgrain. This red jacket is so cute! I think Leigha's blonde hair and blue eyes would be the perfect match!!

Downtown Holiday Jacket and Pant GIVEAWAY!!!!

Well every day I think "take 10 minutes and update." But if you blog you know that there is no real possibility to actually just take 10 minutes. Next thing you know you're looking at this blog, and then this one, and then one you've never seen before. And of course they mention etsy shops so then you have to check that out too.
Last Friday I had to work concessions down at the rink, and then we all skated during the open skate. We took our niece, Faith, for her first time skating, and she loved it. Before we left she was asking when we could go again. Of course I have no pics to document this event. But I do have some for this....

Our first Hockey Game of the Season

Leigha told me she is the 3rd from left in the back row and Eve is to her left.



After there game in Point, we headed to Green Bay to watch the Gamblers. We made it in record time to the game too! The Gamblers ended up losing 2-3. They had 2 other goals not count, and of course there was a little bit of fighting. When we got back into town we stopped at the Shell and this is what we saw...

I almost had a heart attack, and apparently had to take a picture of something that was only a faint memory. This is also where our night got sorta strange. To give the condensed version: At the gas station there was a young gf/bf with car troubles. Abe tried to help them, and also had to go home twice to get what they might need- wrenches, jumper cables etc. It still wouldn't start, and this was close to midnight. Their ride was coming from 1 1/2 hours away so Abe offered for them to come to our house and wait. She had been huddled up in a sleeping bag for over 20 minutes before we even tried to help them, so they decided to come over. Before they got in I told Eve to NEVER go to a stranger's house no matter what. I ended up renting a movie to occupy our time with them. It was kinda funny because while on the phone his dad asked him why he went and he said Abe didn't look like the ax murderer type. And then trying to be discreet her dad text her, which apparently he never does, "Don't eat or drink anything they give you!" So I offered them soda- in unopened cans, and popcorn still sealed in the plastic wrapper. Yes this was to funny and even when I think back to that night I still laugh. I'm just glad they did come over instead of turning into popsicles while they waited in their car. After they left Abe and I both agreed that we would have never went to someone's house if asked, but it worked out for them.


This is the oddest weather I can remember for November. Although, I think the weather is back on track.
Last week was beautiful! The girls got to ride their bikes and play at the park. We even got some playing in the leaves done.

Eve and Leigha got chalk out and decorated our steps and sidewalk for one last time last week too.
Over the weekend we saw snow flurries, but it didn't stay, although the cooler temps did (28 degrees!!).

Have a great week!

Let's get updated on the life of Jesse:
Went to a hockey game on Friday with the girls and Shana. The Gamblers won 4-1. It was a pretty good game.
Saturday Abe and Eve had eye dr. appointments. They each got new glasses. Eve switched from plastic to some metal ones, and Abe went from his silver metal frames to some "nerdy" black Banana Republic frames, which we pick up this coming Saturday.
Janet and Royski came over and we played some Apples to Apples and ate lots of taco dip. Thanks Jannie!! That was followed by Janet and I attempting to play LIFE with a very decrepit board/wheel combo. Needless to say, she made it to the Millionaire Estates and a new game of LIFE goes on the Christmas list.
Sunday we had church in the morning, and then went out to eat with Shana, Steve, and Lisa. Since we didn't have a p.m. service, we rented some movies and got some brownies to bake and went over to Shana's. (Watched "Guess Who?" - it was sorta funny)
Monday was cleaning day. I am so happy to say that it's been almost 2 months and I've stuck to my no exceptions Monday cleaning. It's hard, especially when my sewing machine is staring at me, but I make myself do it and then just maintain the rest of the week so I have time for fun things. Abe decided to take vacation on Tuesday, so we rented "The Lazarus Project". It was very good. I started to freak myself out because Abe fell asleep and the movie seemed scary. It's not scary at all, just a mind twister. I also got 3 Christmas presents made during the movie!
Abe went to school with Leigha, she was star of the day. Then he surprised Eve at school with Happy Meals for lunch. He was home in time to get Leigha off the bus, and then we were off to the polls. Since I had to work at 4, golf was out and we rented yet another movie, "Tortured". It's not for one with a weak stomach, but the story line was good if you can get past the...well...torture. It also seemed open ended, like sequel here we come but who knows.
Work was slow. Very slow. I had all my stuff done by 8, so I watched a lot of the election. I was at the store when a friend text me the outcome. Yeah just gotta remember- it's God's will.

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