Maybe today..

Yesterday I bought a new pair of running shoes.
The lady at the shoe store was so helpful! I actually got shoes that will help my flat feet instead of just picking a pair that I liked the colors of and was in my price range. Unfortunately, the choices available to me didn't fall in either of these categories! These were the best of the 3, and the cheapest although they were still in the $100 range. The runner-up was a Saucony pair that was royal blue and white. So these will be just for running and not every day wear.

This morning was supposed to be the start of my couch to 5k. Husband was successful at getting up and running before 6, and then it was my turn. Well, I AM NOT a morning person so I opted to stay in bed and sleep. Hopefully I can do it after work tonight so I can stay on track.
On a side note: Last night at the store the clerk said, "I didn't know you were expecting." And it left me wondering do I really look like I am?? Anyone knowing me should please say "no" you look great or I may punch you!

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  1. Nicole L said...
    Are you kidding?! Somebody actually said that?! The nerve... there is NO way you do. Seriously. And I just saw you. If anybody does it's ME! The gall... Sacony's are great. You'll really like how they feel on your feet.

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